Politics and Social Justice

I am a left wing, spiritual, senior citizen who believes in social justice for all. I have been tweeting a lot of my political and social outrage. I am thinking it would be more productive to begin to write and log my views and beliefs.

The limiting of these things to a set amount of words is not helpful. And yet I don't want to be too wordy, so if I become boring, please let me know.

The effect of the current politics and social behaviors show a focus on needing to justify one;s feelings and beliefs so that the person espousing anything has to be right. I have beliefs and feelings but I have no need to be right anymore. I think finding areas where we can agree and not going into things in which one is unable to learn or change is the basic ground rule.

When I was teaching Literature of Theater many years ago, students would read say, HEDDA GABLER by Ibsen. The would come in and state how much they hated Hedda. Or they didn't want to look at times where treated as 'less than'. Statements like that end discussion and polarize others. We were there to discuss the play. We all have opinions. Yours is no better or worse than mine. But let's try to examine subjects and not just spout opinions. I respect that you have opinions. I would ask that respect that I do.

Now what are the subjects that I am currently interested in exploring? Here's a starting list:

Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine.

Equal rights for all vs. rights for some.

Art and capitalism.

The risks of non violence.

Quantum Theory for lay persons.

Dangers of Theocracies.

Acceptance of differences

Why US Citizens live their lives in fear.

Older Gay Men

RV living

Relationships with friends, lovers, and family.


Thanks for checking this out and .... more to come!

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