Health and the Nation

The Trump Administration seems no able to use the legislative process but instead is using the changing of regulations in departments run by people who don't believe in the basic principles of these departments. He is on the verge of destabilizing the entire healthcare industry, has led us to the brink of what could be World War III and continues a war against US Citizens who are not white and male.

It seems our job is not to allow the outrage effect us but continue to fortify our individual states. I am lucky to live in Washington State which is actively fighting this totalitarian Federal Government. If this keeps up we can see the breaking up of the US to individual states and religious and racial wars will increase.

Well that's the doom and gloom for the day.

Now my health. I will speak with my Cardiologist in 45 minutes regarding the ecocardiogram I had Friday. I'm not expecting any bad news. I have a bifascicular block. That means the electric system of my heart is not working normally. If there are no other symptoms nothing will be done and nothing to do. At least that is the traditional medical thought. I will research Alternatives. It doesn't directly effect my health or activity as far as anyone can tell.

The examination and tests around the heart issue have been good. There has been none of the: "oh this is because you are HIV+ and haven't taken the pharmaceuticals." My response would be, that there have been studies showing a lot of people taking the 'cocktail' have in fact led to heart issues. What I will do is review all the supplements I am taking and see if there is any information of any of them causing heart damage..

I am on a series of supplements to reduce bad cholesterol. These are Niacin (two kinds), Omega 3 oils and red yeast rice. My numbers are dropping. I've also reduced red meat intake and increased exercise.

Today is a day I will begin photographing my Superman collectibles in advance of selling them.

Have a great Monday!

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