Thoughts after a mass shooting in Texas today.

I am not numb to the senseless violence we have now accepted as a culture.I offer my sincere and heart felt condolences to the families who have experienced loss and to those fighting to survive today. I am clear that our care for emotional and mental derangement is insufficient. It's no longer trying to fight the impossible battle against the strongly capitalistic gun lobby as a sufficient means to an end. Public education must now include education about guns human human values and the human condition. We have to understand our part in all this: that we encourage children to play violent games without discussing them. We put many of our society on the streets because they are sick and need a lifetime of care, or already disturbed. We assume if they are not on the streets, they are well. Politicians will never solve this problem. this is not a political issue. It is a human issue and as such it calls each of us to rise to be better human beings.To have more compassion and love, to stop putting out of our sight the pain and harm our society creates everyday, both violently and non violently. Let's not start with huge issues. Look around your neighborhood. Say hi to your neighbors. Talk to your family. Talk about violence in entertainment. Talk about hate groups. We must shine a light on that which we ignore. Just as abuse issues are coming to light by brave individuals, we must encourage and provide space for everyone to discuss their negative feelings and emotions. We can be part of solution. Start in your own world. Change the way you deal with these things. Don't allow friends to use derogatory language about themselves or others around you. Make the world you exist in, better. Today.

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