World AIDS Day

I don't have AIDS. But I am HIV+. I probably contracted the virus in the 1980's. I waited until I had health and life insurance for over two years before I would allow myself to get tested. In December 1990 I had the test, went on a foreign trip and returned to find they had lost my test. I retested in January and was called into the Dr.'s office for a consultation. He gave me the results, there were no viral load tests at that time. I told him that I wasn't going to take AZT and if he had a problem with that, I would find another Dr. He accepted that.

To this day I have never taken pharmaceuticals for HIV. HIV is not an issue in my life. Once a year I have a viral load test. They fluctuate but are low and never in even the remote range to indicate a problem.

Prior to this test, I had taken supplements, I had been a vegetarian for a cumulative period of about 13 years. So I began reading about supplements. A year later I walked into Bastyr Student Clinic with a bag of over 60 supplements I was taking.

They asked me how I learned about these supplements and I explained my research in great detail. Then they asked 'How do you know that your body actually needs supplementation in all these areas?" That was a good question. And over the course of the next year We cut things down to a much simpler protocol. I also began to explore acupuncture, hypothermia treatments and a variety of alternative procedures. The basics of these protocols and treatments I still follow today. I also changed my behavior, partly because I began dating and eventually was in a relationship.

I read many years a go there was a German doctor working with AIDS in South Africa, he was promoting nutrition prior to medication. He felt that if you could support the immune system at least a body had a change to survive. The drugs back then were ruthless, but the drug companies won and this doctor was booted out of Africa and everyone was given drugs.

I am not advising or advocating for anyone to anything. I am just telling my story. I will continue this story eventually. But due to my former partner's strong need for alternative medicine and help I learned enough to save my life and survive an era where I lost many many friends.

Whatever treatment you support, to all my friends who deal with any disease. May this next year bring you greater health and happiness.

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